Technology Journalism

The way to deal with threats to your network or system, is to share information about it.

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Singing the Digital Blues a collection of Kate’s columns on interactive technologies written between 1998 and 2008 is now available for the Amazon Kindle.

Now doctors can steer the little cameras you swallow for a peek inside your innards. I wrote about it for Technology Review here.

An amputee has used the prosthetic device I wrote about for the Technology Review to type with both hands.

Harnessing kinetic energy, or movement, is the theme of this piece for the Technology Review.

I learned all about the storage of organic apples for this Technology Review piece.

The future of literacy is all about combining text messaging with Harry Potter, says my article in the Technology Review

Always forgetting a book to read on the subway? I wrote this article about ICUE, a cell phone application that enables you to read novel-length texts on the phone screen, for the Technology Review.

Does the future of medical treatment lie in embyonic stem cells? According to one biotech company, their potential can finally be realised now that they've solved an ethical conundrum. Read my article at Technology Review