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The Celtic Tiger is Purring along in Ireland

The chicken and egg dilemma remains a dilemma, but we now know happy workers are productive workers in that order.

Think you've got options? Think you can leave the workplace to have kids and then jump back in? Read the Myth of the Opt Out Revolution

The cubicle, it gets poor treatment and hip open-concept offices are not as cool as the media wants us to believe.

John Mars is a serious musician. That's why I am going to put the link to the first music review I've ever written, under “issues journalism.” My take on Detroit or Buffalo appears in Mondo Magazine.

My investigation into the operations of Big Pharma was brought to you by Busted Halo in four parts.

But What About the Children: A look at Intercultural Relationships is a two-part piece for the site Busted Halo. The first part discusses the challenges faced by Arnold and Dana in the Netherlands, the second part talks about Walton and Assel in Kazakhstan. In a recent re-design, Busted Halo put the two parts together, so prepare to scroll!

Modern Slavery in Canada in View Magazine