Yes, I love firemen. My devotion took fictional form in the story Mr. January published at

I have been writing a series called Dry Stories to explore the idea that stories can be a tool in fighting addiction. Multiplication was published in Wild Violet from this series in progress.

Do you know what a Band Boyfriend is? I actually dated one once, but only because the lead singer of his favourite band gave him permission. Long before that, I coined the phrase in the short story First Names Only published at

The Last Bluebird is a story for Christmas, but I’m afraid it’s a little on the sad side. You can read it at

My story, The Girl in The Song, is not about the Lowest of the Low tune “My Friend Kate” that got lost in a copyright dispute with a record company and has not been performed or played in years. It’s not about that at all, but I have an imagination and this is how the story would go as it was published in Cyclamens and Swords.

The Assumption Chord is from a series of stories I wrote as part of my MFA Thesis in 1995 and 1996. I was obsessed with the obsession of being an artist. This piece appeared in the Dublin Quarterly.

Whatever You Want is about leaving idiot boyfriends behind. It is the first piece I have ever had translated. It appears in English at

Before my marriage broke up, I thought I could write us back to love and I started a series called Dry Stories. “Illumination” is the first piece to be published.

BurnerMag published my short story Aftermath on page 36 of its first issue.

The Love Detox” is from my book Tales from Planet Wine Cooler. It is also the winner of the OnceWritten autumn fiction contest.