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Most of the work I do is proprietary and cannot be re-produced without the permission of my clients. What I can tell you is that research is a poetic activity - it happens all the time, everywhere we find ourselves. There are certain kinds of research no one can hire you to do. The most primary research comes from the first year university students I overheard talking about the TV shows they watched as children as they hung out in Queen's Park waiting for another frosh week event to begin. It is the four young women I sat beside in McDonalds in the Manhattan Mall who were all planning their sweet sixteen parties only two years in advance. Research begins with the school students who pelted me with technical questions I couldn't answer at career day. It's the ten year-old girl who said, "Kate, what do you know about emulators?" This is the research that prepares me for the rest of my job. Some of this research I can write about for a wider audience.

Current Articles

Big Brother is Over, Make Way for Big Sister: Teens on the Net
From Toronto Computes, May 1999

N-Gen: Teenagers talk only to those they know
From The Vancouver Sun , Oct. 1998

Will Internet incubators help turn women entrepreneurs
into business leaders with power and money?

From the Globe Technology Women's Web Page June 15, 2000

Made For Kids: The Essense of Internet Interactivity
From Information Highways magazine February - March, 2000

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